Great Golfing


What makes golfers happy? The short answer is simple. Golfing! But there are things that every golfer likes and wants, things that keep us coming back to the links again and again. Let’s look at a few of them.

Greens fees need to be manageable. No one wants to pay too much, and spending a boatload of money for any experience takes away from it, so lower greens fees can help make for happier golfing.


Pace of play is important if you are playing close to home, so don’t dawdle out there! Unless of course you get a bad lie and really have to struggle with that shot from behind the tree out there on the fourth hole. But that gets to something else that is important. The actual course conditions.

It’s no surprise that many of the best golf courses in the U.S. are in places like Roscommon and Harbor Springs Michigan and Laconia Indiana, though many great courses exist all over the country outside of that area. Perhaps the best local golf course if you are in southern California is Mountain Vista. It is considered a great course, with well-kept greens and is player friendly with some challenging holes.

Not to mention greens fees are inexpensive and the customer service always gets five out of five stars. Now go out there and enjoy the links! Happy golfing!

Selecting the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom


The time has finally come to replace the toilet in your master bathroom. Ever since moving in, you’ve been dying to replace this faulty commode, and it seems your chance has finally arrived. Since you’ve wanted a new toilet for years, it pays to do your homework before making your selection. When searching for the right toilet, take the follow criteria into account.


Size and Shape

Size and shape should heavily factor into your decision. The most common type of toilet in the U.S. is the 12-inch rough-in, which is designed to comfortably into compact bathrooms. However, if your bathroom features an abundance of space, a round elongated toilet, like the kind manufactured by Toto, may suit your needs nicely. Atlanta residents looking for free quotes for new Toto toilet installation should contact European Sink.


Flow strength is another important factor to consider when choosing a toilet. If your master bathroom receives a fair amount of foot traffic, a high-flow flusher should be right up your alley. Conversely, if you’re the only one who uses this bathroom, a standard low-flow model may be a better choice.

Selecting a new toilet for your master bathroom doesn’t have to be an arduous, time-consuming undertaking. By familiarizing yourself with the various sizes, shapes and flow types, you can make an informed decision in a timely manner.

Tips for Computer Maintenance



It is the digital age and almost everyone now has a computer. When problems, arise, it is hard not to panic, since your computer is valuable for work, social interaction and more. If your computer stops working, you need to call the best local computer support to fix it properly. Here are tips on maintaining your computer to prevent some problems from occurring.

Clean the Disk

You need to use a tool that will clean the disk of things left behind by browsers, like cookies and cache. Over time, these will account for a lot of space that is being wasted. Do this monthly or more often if your computer is used heavily.

Install Security

It is essential to protect your computer from hackers and viruses. There are many tools that will seek out and get rid of spyware and viruses.

Clear Space

Periodically, you need to delete stuff you no longer need. Uninstall any programs that you do not use and delete old files, like music files you don’t listen to anymore. The computer will run faster if it has more free space.

Run a Disk Defragmenter

You need to run a disk defragmenter monthly. It scans and rearranges files so the computer can read them easier and this helps the computer run faster.

Basic Cleaning

Keep the keyboard clean with a can of compressed air and clean the mouse also. Make sure the tower stays cool by not stacking things around it that can stop the airflow.

Menswear Style Tips for a Business Function


Whether company-sponsored or personally arranged, a business function can help a man secure footing with those in attendance. Especially if the leaders of your current or potential company are involved, the way you look and act can make a difference in how you are viewed. In fact, those who fail to note how to dress and the correct conversational techniques can ruin their changes for climbing the business ladder.


The majority of business functions require men to dress in business casual attire, which are typically evening functions. There are a few different ways to take this instruction. You can begin with selecting high quality three-piece suits, which can prove yourself to be serious about your position. It’s important the suit is tailored to perfectly fit your size, while pressed just before the event. The belt must match the shoes, with dark, calf-length socks.

For less formal functions, you can select a neatly-pressed pant with a blazer. Dark khakis combined with a wool blazer, are best for functions held outside of a company, like a networking event. Wear a button-up with or without a tie, depending on the formality of the event. Ensure you wear business-style shoes with a plain or capped toe.

Tips for Designing a Boat Dock


If you are one of the lucky people who owns waterfront property and a boat, you may need a bat dock. What fun! You can design your own boat dock to make it fit your lifestyle and needs.



  1. Decide where you want to put your dock. Find a spot that makes it easy for you, your family and guests to access your boat. It needs to reach the land easily so there is a decent egress path. Think about who you think will come along with you on the boat, do any of your friends or family have any special needs for getting around?
  2. How many people will dock their boats at your place? Do a lot of your friends and family have boats? Do you expect them to come to your home with their boat? You will need a bigger dock if you think a lot of people will bring their boat to your place. You will also need more space if you plan to put chairs and other furniture on the dock.
  3. Do you need storage? If you have equipment or other items that you will take on your boat (water toys for children, for example), you should have some storage by the dock. Put in as much as you can afford, you will use it.
  4. What kind of boat lift will you need? If you plan to put in an electrical lift, you will need a power source for your dock. Think about what you want to deal with your boat — do you have a standalone boat lift?

Your boat dock is an extension of your home and should be built to match the style. It can be a great addition that makes enjoying your boat and your home much easier to do.

Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party


For many parents, birthdays are a big celebration. For children, it’s the best time of the year – minus the holidays, of course.

Planning the perfect birthday party for your kids is easy with the many birthday event places near Cincinnati OH, but there are a few important things to remember.


  • Consider a theme. Children always enjoy themed parties, and when it’s their favorite characters, you’re bound to have a satisfied child. Picking a theme will make decorating easier and more manageable.
  • Call ahead. Find out what the locations you’re considering have to offer. Many facilities will include items such as food, party favors, birthday cakes or even a gift for your child. This can help you figure out what you need to purchase for the party.
  • Listen to your child. Kids and what they like can change overnight. If your child is insisting you skip the clowns, then cancel the clowns. It’s your child’s special day and while they can’t control what you buy, they can express their feelings and desires.

A birthday party should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone; including you. Be sure to plan ahead so that when the big day comes, everyone is happy.

What Do You Need From Your Checking Account?


Are you looking for a new bank? Many consumers don’t realize how different the various banks actually are, as you can find a bank that has some great offerings if you are prepared to shop around. If you can take the time to figure out what you actually want from your bank, it makes it much easier to find the perfect one.


No Fees

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a bank that doesn’t have service charges. This allows you to save money every month over banks that do not have this feature. This also comes in handy if you have a business account. In some cases, banks that specialize in banking business solutions will waive your service charges if you maintain a minimum amount in your account.

Online Banking

Many people don’t even set foot in their banks anymore because they are able to handle most of their transactions online. This online banking feature allows you to pay your bills and transfer funds from your computer, so you don’t have to go out of your way to visit the physical bank.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is an extension of online banking, but it is even more convenient. If accessing your account from your smart phone is important to you, make sure that this feature is available through your bank.

What Makes a Structure Iconic?


When you think of New York City, what is one of the first things that you think about? Without a doubt, it’s probably a collection of buildings, or structures. From the Empire State Building to Madison Square Garden, New York City is home to one of the biggest collections of iconic buildings in the world. In fact, there are so many famous structures that you must tour iconic landmarks in New York City while you’re visiting.

NYC landmarks

But, what is it that makes a building iconic? Here’s a more detailed look:

  • It has a unique design. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest factors that determines whether or not a building is iconic. A one-of-a-kind design sets the building apart from the billions of other buildings in the world.
  • It’s world famous. Structures like the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center are known the world over. When a structure is that famous, it is considered iconic.
  • It has significant history. Buildings with a deep-rooted history are also considered iconic. Take, for example, Radio City Music Hall; this structure has been the site of concerts and various types of live performances since the 1920s, making it a huge part of the city’s history.